WMBI Listeners Morning Ride with Karl and June: Notes for Bob Moeller’s Talk on Joseph and Finding Healing

Finding Healing for our Pain:  Lessons Learned from the Life of Joseph (Genesis 37-50)

  1. Where does the pain come from in our lives?

  1. Heart-breaking loss and trauma in our childhood.
  2. The mistakes our parent’s make that we must live with.
  3. Rejection by our family members.
  4. Physical, verbal, emotional, sexual and spiritual abuse by those we trust.
  5. Abandonment by others leaving us to face life alone.
  6. Lack of sympathy for our pain from those around us.
  7. Injustice we suffer that is never addressed.


  1. What are the results of unhealed pain?


  1. A deep sense of loneliness and isolation.
  2. Fear and anxiety about the future.
  3. Distrust of most if not all relationships.
  4. A lingering sense of sadness and depression.
  5. Pulling away from relationships and difficulty in giving and receiving love.
  6. Impulsive decisions and self-medicating behaviors to numb the pain.
  7. Returning to the familiar and self-destructive pattern of our parents.


  1. How does healing happen?


  1. Exchange: We must exchange trying to change our past for changing our interpretation of our past. (Mort Feldman)
  2. Draw: We must draw boundaries with those who hurt us so it does not continue.
  3. Reveal: We must reveal the truth of what happened to us to someone.
  4. Believe: We must believe God can make us forget all our trouble.
  5. Refocus: We must refocus our attention from all we have lost to all we have gained.
  6. Choose: We must choose daily God’s script for our lives over the script of the world, the flesh, or the devil (God shares His script through prayer, circumstances, God’s Word, the Holy Spirit and other believers speaking into our lives).
  7. Look: We must look for God to use our pain in the salvation of others.
  8. Release: We must release people from the moral debt they owe us and leave the issue of justice (or vengeance) to God.
  9. Return: (When appropriate) we must return kindness and love for the wrongs and injustices done to us.


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