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Keep Courting

Keep Courting: 100 Ways to Keep Courting After Marriage


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By Bob and Cheryl Moeller

Great New Book, to Keep or to Give

“Bob has been my Valentine for nearly 31 years! He swept me off my feet, with his elaborate courting! There’s no better time than today, to revive your courtship. Courtship shouldn’t end with marriage. ‘Keep courting:  100 Ways to Keep Courting After Marriage’ will fan the flames of continued courtship.”

A gift book! 50 ways to keep courting your husband and 50 ways to keep courting your wife.

Fifty Ways for Women to Keep Courting Their Husbands, After Marriage:

  • Attend an outdoor sporting exhibition show and look through the brochures, with him.
  • Write a list of the “Things I Admire Most About My Husband” and tape it to his closet door.

Fifty Ways for Men to Keep Courting Their Wives, After Marriage:

  • Ask her to tell you two things that would make you an easier husband to live with (then work on them).
  • Add “I love you” to her calendar on the day of your anniversary, every month. So, if you were married on June 16 (like the Moellers), write” I love you” on the 16th of every month, on her calendar. She’ll remember every month how grateful you are to have her, as your wife.
    • Saddle stitch – 24 pages
    • Perfect gift for any occassion, 6″ x 6″
    • Color cover, cardstock
    • Black and white pages, glossy

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