Twelve Steps to Choosing the Right Partner

  1. Commit your life wholeheartedly to Jesus Christ.
  2. Make the daily decision, “Not my will, but thy will be done.”
  3. Commit yourself to purity and save yourself for marriage.
  4. Choose only friends that help you be more like Christ.
  5. Reconcile with your parents to the fullest extent possible.
  6. Fill your mind with things you and Jesus could do or watch together.
  7. Spend your free time serving the church and other people.
  8. Keep your dating life public.
  9. Check out the character of their friends.
  10. Take enough time for all the truth about both of you to come out.
  11. Pay close attention to the track record of their family.
  12. Pray and fast regarding the future of your relationship.
  13. Learn the difference between infatuation and a genuine heart connection.
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