December Healing the Hearts Through Prayer Conference

Please join us for an In-Town Retreat.

This time for single adults. (One table for married couples.)

Session 1:  The heart is the heart of all relationships.
Session 2:  How pain and sin can damage our hearts.
Session 3:  Conducting our own personal heart exam.
Session 4:  Writing your heart’s autobiography.
Session 5:  Who damaged your heart and how did it happen?
Session 6:  What is your core pain?
Session 7:  The importance of forgiving those who hurt you.
Session 8:  Resolving our pride, moral failure and other spiritual issues.
Session 9:  Drawing a roadmap for Bible-centered healing prayer.
Session 10:  Using the Biblical Counseling Personal Evaluation for tough issues.
Session 11:  A day by day plan to continue healing for the heart.

It’s both training for some and a personal retreat.

  • Tues. – Fri. evenings, December 12-15
  • Sat. morning, December 16.
  • Simple Complimentary Festive Dinner weekday evenings
  • Saturday morning pre-class Christmas brunch provided.

To Register for this Event:
Please fill out the form below, and indicate how many people are attending in the “message” area.

Meadows Christian Fellowship (Our new offices)
2401 Kirchoff Road
Rolling Meadows, IL 60008


Conference notes provided.
Love offering taken for For Keeps Ministries