July Healing the Heart through Prayer Training Conference

Monday through Wednesday, July 18-20, 2016, 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Do you carry personal pain?
Are you open to God’s healing work in your heart?
Are you willing to pray for others in need of God’s healing grace in their lives?
Training to Heal the Heart Through Prayer is a three day conference on the power of God’s grace to heal the broken areas of our hearts. You will learn how to soften your heart toward God and others, how to minister God’s healing grace to others, and how to walk with others from a place of emotional hurt to wholeness.

Healing the Heart through Prayer
A Spiritual Approach

Session One:  The heart is the heart of all relationships.

Session Two:  How pain and sin can damage our hearts.

Session Three:  Conducting our own personal heart exam.

Session Four:  Writing your heart’s autobiography.

Session Five:  Who damaged your heart and how did it happen?

Session Six:  What is your core pain?

Session Seven:  The importance of forgiving those who hurt you.

Session Eight:  Resolving our pride, moral failure and other spiritual issues.

Session Nine:  Drawing a roadmap for Bible-centered healing prayer.

Session Ten:  Using the Biblical Counseling Personal Evaluation for tough issues.

Session Eleven:  A day by day plan to continue healing for the heart.

Session Twelve:  So when am I ready to begin caring for others?

It’s training, but you are welcome to also use as a personal retreat.
Please join us for one of the training conferences this summer, expectant for God to work in your life through revival, repentance, and renewal, allowing you to reach out to others.
Conference notes provided
Lunch is on your own. Go out or bring a sack lunch.


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