Marriage Miracle

Have our marriage ministry conferences and events or the Marriage Miracle book by Bob and Cheryl Moeller helped cause a Marriage Miracle in your marriage?  Let us and others know.  Send us your story so that we can share it on our website.  Send us your “marriage miracle” to

We are reading The Marriage Miracle in our Couples Bible Study and everyone loves the book! It has great examples of marriages that have grown stronger even after the most difficult situation. The Q&A in the back of each chapter helps with group participation. I highly recommend the book to those with a healthy marriage as well as marriages in need of guidance.
By Robin Allman (GA), July 29, 2010

“I just had to write a review on Marriage Miracle. This is an awesome book for truly hurting, painful marriages. I heard this couple on WMBI (Moody Radio) in Chicago and was able to get the book at my library. This book really gets to the heart of marriages. It does not have a slant…meaning, favoring men or favoring women. It doesn’t tell you what you want to hear, it tells you what you need to hear and think about. This is book you read when the walls are high and you feel empty. There are helps in the back of the book that help you identify things in yourself and we all know that truly is the only person God is dealing with us to change (in whatever way). If you are hurting, read this book. I know some books are great to read but you don’t necessarily want a copy of it on your shelf, but this book you will. Just my two cents.”
By Nancy Dwyer (IL), June 02, 2010

We have recently received this e-mail from a couple that was divorced, then came and spent a week with us in intensive pastoral care, and now are remarried! Here’s just a part of their heart-warming note:

“Dave and I both wanted to write and tell you that we were remarried on February 24th. Every day I wake up and just praise God for the miracle he has done in both of our lives. We’ve come full circle from the dark days of years ago. The renewal of our marriage has been unbelievable.

God has taken care of all the details restoring not only our marriage but each of us in the process. We want to thank you both for your dedication to restoring the broken. It is truly hard to put into words what those few days in Chicago meant to both of us. We both know for a fact that we can take no credit for this miracle; God’s hands are all over it.

Now when the enemy tries to tear us apart and feed us his lies we have tools and the knowledge of just how powerful our God is to fight back. Believe me satan does try and the fight is hard. But we have the greatest Champion on our side fighting even harder for us. It is so much easier to put the other ones needs before your own…  

Take care in the knowledge that what you both do does matter.”