April Healing Hearts Through Prayer Retreat and Training for Married Couples and Singles

Use as a Personal Retreat or Training to work with Marriages or Single Adults
Dates and Times:
Saturday April 21 from 9am-5pm & Sunday April 22 from 1pm-5pm.
ECWA Goodnews Church, 5644 S. Oakley Ave. Chicago IL 60652 Website
Contact: Bob Moeller, Presenter and Teacher at bob@forkeepsministries.com
Hosts Pastor and Mrs. Sunday Bwanhot. 773-592-6161   pastor@chicago.ecwausa.org
Cost: FREE!
To R.S.V.P. write to bob@forkeepsministries.com
Session 1:  The heart is the heart of all relationships.
Session 2:  How pain and sin can damage our hearts.
Session 3:  Conducting our own personal heart exam.
Session 4:  Writing your heart’s autobiography.
Session 5:  Who damaged your heart and how did it happen?
Session 6:  What is your core pain?
Session 7:  The importance of forgiving those who hurt you.
Session 8:  Resolving our pride, moral failure and other spiritual issues.
Session 9:  Drawing a roadmap for Bible-centered healing prayer.
Session 10:  Using the Biblical Counseling Personal Evaluation for tough issues.
Session 11:  A day by day plan to continue healing for the heart.