6 Hearts of Intimacy Marriage Conference, October 13, Chicago

Enjoy Deeper Love and Passion in Marriage
Understanding the way your spouse gives and receives love will bring depth and new fulfillment to your love life. 
The 6 Hearts of Intimacy Marriage Conference is a “Love Languages” for sex in marriage. Rather than focusing on sexual techniques, the conference unlocks the secret to true sexual fulfillment by revealing the unique way each spouse gives and receives love.  The sessions are filled with sensitive practical advice and some humor, too.
Marriage expert Bob Moeller presents biblically based and proven ways to enhance your relationship with your spouse as he describes:
the Romantic Heart
the Giving Heart
the Guardian Heart
the Companion Heart
the Worshipping Heart
the Ecstatic Heart
He also exposes the “counterfeit hearts” that are present in many people’s marriages, leaving their sexual relationship self-focused and empty. Many couples spend a lifetime attempting to express their love yet fail to achieve true intimacy.
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